Who are we?

We are a Paraguayan steel industry, producer of hot-rolled steel rods with the highest quality standards, supplying the civil construction sector since 2018.


To competitively manufacture long rolled products, by means of a platform with quality and innovative technological solutions for the civil construction sector, through the recycling of renewable raw materials.


Working with effort and discipline to be a company recognized for the production of hot-rolled steel rods of the best quality in the Republic of Paraguay. We are committed to the progress of the country.

We contribute with the environment by recycling metal waste for reuse as raw material.

Sustainable steel

Paraguayan Steel

We produce the best steel, respecting international quality standards, responding to the most demanding markets

 Building the future together

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Our products

At VMA we constantly invest in state-of-the-art equipment and high technology, guaranteeing production with the highest quality standards for civil construction. We are the first factory in
Paraguay to process recycled metal, our raw material is scrap

Our steel mill uses biodiesel of national origin for the reheating furnace of billets. The main source of energy is electricity for our industrial processes. We offer technological and innovative solutions for the civil construction sector.


Production process

Metal waste

Induction furnace

Casting machine 


Rolling Mill


Heat treatment


Truck loading

AP 500 S and AP 420 S Formed Steel Rod

Our formed steel rod is hot-rolled for reinforcement of concrete structures. This rod has a circular ribbed cross section.

It is used in civil works such as bridges, prefabs, housing, large projects and road works. It is produced in lengths of 12 meters and is presented in packages of 2,000 kilograms. Our steel complies with the ONC certification of the Paraguayan standard NP 4 00 7 99 and the international certification of Argentina IRAM IAS U500 207:2017.

Nominal diameter

8 mm 10 mm 12 mm 16 mm 20 mm 25 mm 32 mm

Smooth round rod ASTM A36

Our smooth round rod called Redo liso A36 is of ASTM 36 quality, hot-rolled with a circular cross section, without projections or ribs.

It is used in metal structures, doors, windows, grilles, fences, transfer bars for rigid flooring.

It is produced in 6 meter lengths in 1,100 kilogram packages.

Nominal diameter

10 mm 12 mm 16 mm 20 mm 25 mm 

Quality policy

To supply products that meet the requirements of our customers and the applicable national and international standards. To do this we work with quality, safety, with the appropriate technology, a qualified team, caring for the environment and continuously improving our activities.

VMA Laboratory

We carry out mechanical tests to guarantee the quality of the final product. Among the tests carried out in our facilities, we can mention

- Chemical composition analysis of billets using the spectrometer

- Mechanical resistance tests of traction and bending

- Dimensional, mass and length inspection

In addition, VMA issues quality certificates for each production batch.

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Where to buy?

At VMA we make sure that the best Paraguayan steel is in small, medium and large projects.

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